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Client Testimonials

We were delighted with the way CCASA Architects handled our renovation project. Christian was adaptable to our ideas, came up with a great plan and was quick to find solutions when obstacles arose during the build. He is hugely experienced in areas such as planning and building control, and took care of all of that side of the project. He introduced us to an excellent contractor for the building work, and also liaised with the garden design team we employed, helping ensure everyone kept to their deadlines. Highly recommended!Read More

We contacted Christian after viewing his wonderful self-designed flat during Open House London. We were planning a full remodel and renovation of a terraced house and from concept stage to project managing the build he has guided us through the process with the utmost professionalism and patience. His lovely touches to the design have made the space unique for us and Christian's vision and attention to detail have made sure we have been left with an excellent finish to our home. We would highly recommend him.Read More

I highly recommend CCASA to any client. After a terrible previous experience with another architect on the same project, I wish that I had contracted Christian and CCASA from the start. I have worked with several architects over the years. Christian is a person that truly listens to clients and works with them hand-in-hand. Always responds immediately to emails and calls and is someone who truly cares about his projects and clients. Highly honest, experienced and always with excellent ideas and solutions. Someone who you can sit down with and talk through details with in a relaxed way. He will always give you his honest and unbiased opinion, which is very refreshing - as many architects out there live in their bubble and can be very inflexible. A person with the highest integrity and diligence. ***** 5 Stars.Read More

Review “Technically as no major structural changes were made to my one bedroomed, ex local authority flat I didn’t need to employ an architect. I am very glad I did. Almost everything in the flat needed upgrading - kitchen, bathroom, electrics and heating, flooring and storage generally and inevitably there were damp problems. The co-ordination and streamlining of all these changes were masterminded by the architect Christian Clemares. He brought in Sara Bondia, who dealt with the money side clearly, along with some design decisions, and site management. And he recommended Calin Alcateri, a builder Christian had previously worked with. This team were excellent - easy to deal with yet professional. Cheerful and with good practical advice and expertise when the extent of my damp problems were revealed, and patient with delay. Christian Clemares of CCASA gave me concise advice on budgeting from the start. He knows where to spend money to good effect to get a good finish - for instance on choosing the electrical switches - go for a sleek looking light switch that’s visible but economise on skirting height wall plugs. From the very first meeting he told me how much bespoke wooden bookshelves would cost so I had time to re-think and I have used floating metal wall hung shelves which can be re-positioned if my storage needs change. Christian was good at interpreting my taste, and showing me where the flat could be improved aesthetically; minimal but not charmless. From an early stage he encouraged me to finalise my decisions around say flooring choices and secure the wood needed. The same with bathroom fittings etc. His attention to detail is very good - the lines of the flat are now so much better with new streamlined doors and odd corners of rooms rationalised. Sorting out these details with a skilled architect’s eye was a big part of upgrading the flat to give it a quality feel. I am particularly pleased with a neat piece of Christian’s design work. He came up with a way to have a Utility cupboard off my sitting room - washing machine, hoover storage and home office shelves which really streamlined the centre of the flat, and made sense of a hotchpotch of cupboards. This cupboard has given the flat not only good storage but has really added to the flow of the flat. We had delays in this project but not due to any of Christian Clemares team. Hackney Council terms on insurance at the start of the build and again the Council’s lack of response to damp issues half way through. Everyone was frustrated but cheerful, and diplomatic over the delay. Emails and phone calls were responded to very quickly by Christian, so decisions were made effectively, and action taken. I was always dealt with respect by everyone involved in this project. I visited the site frequently and Calin Alcateri and his team of builders worked hard and consistently to give me a really well constructed flat - the quality of their work is excellent and their sensitivity over working in someone’s home and garden with close neighbours was always present. I really appreciated their professionalism and cheerful attitude. CCASA have created an upgraded flat which is now a delight to live in - clean lines, a much greater sense of space, a safe environment electrically, better heating and storage, a beautiful hard working floor and my damp problems are resolved and I have a bathroom and kitchen that will work well for many years. I would definitely recommend Christian Clemares of CCASA. “Read More

Christian was recommended to me by friends and he’s the first architect that I’ve ever enlisted. He has been a consummate professional throughout this job. He has always been on hand when I’ve needed his counsel and he very much treated our home project as if it were his own, so it has always felt as if he’s been really invested in making our vision a reality. Christian has a great aesthetic eye and over and above his architectural design/logistical management of the job, he helped choose colour and design schemes for all of the rooms. I also found it really useful to have him design an electrical plan. Christian has years of experience on the job and he was great at hand holding when we had to deal with the multitude of surveyors, builders and Building control people that you have to engage with on a more complex job. He’s brilliant at managing expectations, so you’ll always know where you stand and he’ll always try to find a way around a problem.Read More

It has been a pleasure to work with Christian and his team. They were friendly and professional as well as creative and imaginative when confronted with obstacles during construction. They always found innovative and beautiful design solutions for our home. Christian also helped us through all the planning and freeholder permissions needed for construction. They managed to keep the project on budget and they met our deadline to move in. We could not have wished for a better architect!!Read More

I was very happy with Christian's work. He had good ideas and was also responsive to changes I wanted to make. He delivered everything he said he would on the dates he outlined. He was responsive to anything urgent that came up as well as dealing with unforeseen/unexpected issuesRead More

I bought a flat in a listed building in camberwll, a hospital conversion that needed some new ideas. Christian was instrumental in helping me think about space and came up with four different options I could not have thought of myself. I engaged with Christian to create a proposal and plans in 2d and 3d for the freeholders and Southwark listed buildings for approval. He is not only knowledgeable about ideation but can also help navigate the complex waters of work approvals. Although my project wasn’t particularly big he got 100% immersed in it. I would definitely recommend him!Read More

Great design for the extension of our house in Sitges, Barcelona. We followed his suggestions and the final result was per the lay-out, great job.Read More

My wife and I hired CCASA Architects to convert the loft of our semi-detached home to create two extra bedrooms and another bathroom. Christian was friendly and professional from the project's inception. He understood our ideas and presented some amazing options before guiding the final designs through the process to successfully secure planning permission. He then put together and managed the tender process for builders. It was a relief to have such a trusted architect helping us with the tough decisions, and made the whole process exciting and fun. We highly recommend CCASA Architects and look forward to working with them again in future.Read More

CCASA Architects proposed several options to renovate our cottage in the Alps, France. They perfectly understood our needs and wishes, and they proposed the perfect combination between modernity and tradition. The Presentation fulfilled all our expectations. Unfortunately, the project is now on hold, but we will consider CCASA Architects again if we finally proceed to implement their designs. Good company to select. We recommend it.Read More

We had an exceptional experience working with Christian. We have been trying to figure out how to make our kitchen space work, and with his help have come up with a viable plan. Christian met with us at our home, discussed at length what we were looking to achieve, then took measurements and returned a few days later with several options. After a bit of to and fro-ing, we have settled on a very workable solution. We selected Christian based upon the work we have seen previously. Beautifully clean lines and a great sense of space. Really easy to work with.Read More

We worked with CCASA Architects on a fabulous side extension, supplying a very unique and exciting range of wall tiles. The end result of the project was breath-taking. An enviable design that was contemporary, innovative and carefully considered. Highly recommended!Read More

I recently completed a project in Le Haut Marais in Paris, France (75003) . It was a full refurbishment of a flat which I completed myself however I needed full advice regarding the light planning so I asked Christian from CCASA Architects to help me. I was very happy Christian accepted to act as a consultant in this instance despite the flat being located in Paris. He had then thoroughly worked on the full lighting design and electrical plans. Christian delivered what I had asked him for but I was also pleased with him giving me advice, great input, asking for my needs and pointing me in the right direction in my thoughts and choices . Christian is highly professional in respect of his clients’ objectives but also he is of great advice. I was extremely pleased with the achievement. And would definitely go back to him for other projects. I would highly recommend Christian from CCASA Architects for his professional approach, great engagement and commitment values. His design technical skills are undoubtedly excellent.Read More

CCASA Architects/Christian has appointed us to work with him on one of his hi-end project at Jermyn Street. It was a pleasure of working with such a professional designer; with an excellent eye for details and knowledge. We would highly recommend the company.Read More

Christian did a wonderful job in completing a project that we took on half way through construction. It was a complex situation which already had plans and he was able to respect the existing whilst adding his own very careful and considered input. He has a great attention to detail and held the vision of the project to a high standard all the way through.He was a pleasure to work with.Read More

It is a pleasure to have an ongoing collaboration with CCASA Architects. Christian is not only a highly-skilled designer but stands out in terms of his conscientiousness and attention to detail. His extensive experience of delivering high-end residential projects means that he always has a solution when challenges emerge. I can recommend him highly.Read More

CCSA/Christian acted as architect to attain planning consent by Westminster and the Crown regarding my flat in a Grade2 listed building in St James’s. A complete renovation with significant change was involved. The architects presented a most excellent and detailed case for consent including detailed drawings. Consents were duly granted. Thereafter CCSA helped me find the right builders from shortlist and then supervised the entire project when I was overseas. The result is stunning yet cost effective. Their fees were reasonable and the process was orderly. Highly professional combined with an empathy for the client’s wishesRead More

We are very satisfied with the job done by CCASA Architects with our renovation project. From the initial designs we saw they understood and cared about our preferences. Their knowledge on design, trends, practicalities, regulations, etc. enabled us to go from a vague idea to a dream design. We definitely had to keep them onboard for the build phase. At this stage they were really helpful too in helping us make decisions, certifying progress, providing further details when needed and coordinating suppliers. The contractor was also very happy with their designs and specifications. We would thoroughly recommend CCASA Architects.Read More

CCASA Architects have been instrumental in the realisation of our 'house of dreams'. They listened carefully to our needs and desire and made several enlightened design propositions within our budget. We have been amazed by CCASA Architects' ability to see the project from our eyes while proposing inspiring architecture. We needed to open the house towards the garden, bring light across all the rooms and extend the living space. CCASA managed the project from an End to End perspective, always keeping us informed of decisions to be made and progress on the project, which removed significantly any stress we would have endured going through this project on our own. Ultimately our project received an architecture award, which was not initially our objective but that adds for sure to the pleasure of living in such an enhanced flat. I would definitely recommend CCASA Architects for their sense of client understanding, inspiring design and professionalism in client and project management.Read More