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Project Corten, Brixton

The client met CCASA Architects in the open house where Project Hackney was being opened to the public.

The client was impressed with what was able to be achieved on a small space and how beautiful the side extension and kitchen was done at Project Hackney. They loved the use of plywood due the warm texture and beautiful finish of the material and they wanted to recreate that on their home.

Project escape was a refurbishment of a two storey terraced house with a side extension and loft conversion.

After Open House and taking reference from Project hackney, the use of exposed birch plywood throughout the property was taken as a design parameter when working in the project. To compliment this material, it was agreed to use two other materials that work well in terms of texture and warm colour: Steel Corten and yellow London stock brickwork.

On the back elevation, Steel Corten was used for all areas of the ground floor and the new side extension. The clever way of the design emphasizes the London stock brickwork at first floor which seems to be floating. It is clearly defined what was the ground floor intervention and what was left as original on the first floor.

Internally, the London stock brick is exposed in the kitchen area in front of a plywood kitchen. The reveal of a generous rooflight in this area is also done with plywood which ties well with the design of the space.

At ground floor all rooms have been opened, connecting the spaces and allowing views throughout the property.

The main rooms of the property were kept with traditional features with the inclusion of ceiling roses, cornices, architraves and skirtings. In the living room, the new fireplace was cladded with patterned tiles and a nice wood shelf, combining modern with traditional styles. It is important to note that this item was designed by the client and works very well with the space.

All secondary rooms such as bathrooms and new rooms like kitchen and loft had a more contemporary design approach.

Our client, being a newly successful fashion designer, needed additional space for her creations. The new loft, with its views to London was perfect for that. Big roof light lights and a dormer with generous windows allows for natural light into her new studio.

Throughout views and natural light is a constant design feature by CCASA Architects. Following these, for the new en-suite bathroom on the second floor was proposed with a new internal window towards the stair. The new internal window allows for views to London through the dormer window in the stairs while still allowing privacy for the use of this bathroom. This little nice new window has been one of the most praised design features designed in the property by the client.

Finally, the colour scheme was also an important design feature throughout the project.

It was proposed to separate all woodwork with floor and ceiling colours. Having skirtings, doors and architraves painted in a different tone, emphasizes and enhances the room making them more elegant.

Certain walls were painted with bright colours to make features of these. As an example, the back wall on the TV room area is painted on a beautiful dark blue colour while the main bedroom has been painted in a dark pink up to dado rail height.